Growing up as the youngest in a very close-knit family, I always appreciate any opportunity to escape my extremely Portuguese culture and home in Hartford, Connecticut. Although I find comfort in arriving home to a family that will never eat dinner without me, I use my days as a Loomis Chaffee student to broaden my independence and past experiences. Boarders make up a majority of my school’s population, but I stand as one of the pariahs- a day student. I would like to think that I have overcome the barrier between the two populations, but a “DSG” (day student girl) can never know. While many of the tri-varsity students at Loomis relish their athleticism, I cannot say the same. My athletic abilities have dwindled throughout my three years at Loomis and now I play two club sports and I have barely made it to Varsity Squash in the winter. Socially, we have all regressed at Loomis because we are rarely given the opportunity to have fun. For this reason, I thank my parents for refusing to let me independently experience high school in a dorm room. Loomis proves important only because much of my world seems defined by the nine months that I have no fun, and I thoroughly appreciate that escape. Although I rarely allow individual things to consume me, it seems that for the next year- my senior year- I will enjoy the last months I have left in my small Loomis world, but prepare myself to move on to wherever I may go.


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