Impressions of Speakers

Yesterday, we had Adam Yalowitz come to our morning classes and speak to us about his work on the Barack Obama campaign. I thought Adam’s presentation was casual and unintimidating. He really spoke to us as a group and interested us by using language and examples that we could understand, while simultaneously inspiring and challenging us to create opportunities for our own political influence. Although I really enjoyed having Mr. Yalowitz speak to us, at times it was difficult because he was speaking quickly and it seemed hard to keep up. After Adam came in, I realized that he presented us with a lot of ways to become involved and to influence even our small communities, and with real examples of the impact that young people can have in today’s world.

Today we had another guest speaker. Julie Rasicot, a writer for the Washington Post and Bethesda magazine, came to our morning classes at around 9:15 and spent nearly an hour engaging our classes in not only her work as a journalist, but also in her life at home and how both worlds must unite successfully. I loved how Mrs. Rasicot interacted with our class and allowed us to ask questions that helped us to understand the ways in which her career effects her life. By giving us multiple ideas and definitions of “feature style” writing, Rasicot not only spoke to us about herself, but she taught us valuable information that we will most likely utilize in classes today, and in classes in the near future. I enjoyed both speakers very much.


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