On Tuesday, the A.M group of the Journalism and Mass Communications program went to the Newseum in Washington, D.C. I found the trip really interesting and helpful because it allowed me to see how news is covered and created. It was really cool how, each day, they had front page articles from a variety of national newspapers. For me, the part of the Newseum that was most astonishing was the exhibit on 9/11. Not only did the timeline and real piece of the building bring to light the reality and destruction of the events, but the movie also allowed its viewers to see and feel just a small part of what the people intimately involved felt.

At first, the 4D movie seemed like it might be a bit uninteresting, but after I saw the movie, it proved helpful. I loved seeing how the news impacted the lives and lifestyles of Americans throughout the years, and also how it developed over time. I thought that the ways that the movie interacted with its audience kept me focused and tried to reveal the true effect that news can have on the people entertained by it. Much like the 4D movie, many other parts of the Newseum proved very interactive. Another one of my favorite exhibits in the Newseum was the Ethics exhibit. Although I did not have time to watch the T.V monitors in the exhibit, I really enjoyed taking the ethics quiz. I realized that I knew many of the answers to the questions, but, if I did have a wrong answer, I made sure to not make that mistake again. It was easy to assume that the questions seemed logical, but at times I was surprised by the answers. All in all, I had a wonderful experience at the Newseum and I would definitely return the next time I am in Washington, D.C and have the time to fully explore the exhibits.


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